Our drought is a long-term problem.


Water-saving shower heads is one long-term solution.


We’d like to thank the hospitality industry for participating in our recent survey about how we can assist guest-houses and B&B's across the province in saving water. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to our initiative of supplying water-saving shower heads and mirror decals to guest-houses  and B&Bs. Through a partnership with the Western Cape Government, Wesgro, CapeNature and Airbnb, 2 300 showerheads will be provided to the industry (free of charge), along with 2 300 mirror decals. The shower-heads will save up to 70% on water consumption and 30% on energy consumption and fit all shower fittings.


This initiative will help the tourism industry save at least 70 million liters per year. Every drop counts!


If you wish to receive water-saving shower heads and mirror decals, simply click below and fill in your details. Please note that we will set up central distribution points across the province for collection.


Thank you for playing your part in saving water. We can only address this crisis by working better together.


Please could you forward this mail onto guest-houses and B&B's within the Western Cape so that they can be part of this initiative.


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Copyright @ 2017,, We Design Websites


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