Static HTML websites, with minimal or no editing needed,  see as an example.


Content Management Systems which are used for regular data updates such as Blogs, Product Catalog, Community postings and many more – see as an example.




Website Templates

We recommend a "Pay as you Grow" strategy


Domain Registration


What is SEO?

Domain Registration: Domain Cost


The domain will be registered for your account with the yearly renewal fee is determined by COZA. You will be billed directly by the hosting company.


Hosting is with Cybersmart or your choice


Cybersmart Prices as advertised


Pink Package: Free but has limitations : 1 Gig data space, 10 email addresses, Unlimited traffic


Blue Package: Small fee per month with less limitations: 3 Gig data space, 30 email addresses, Unlimited traffic.


Vist the website for more information

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy for your website to get as close as possible to the top of page one in a Google or Bing search. There are various ways to achieve this ranking; the most common is by buying advertising such as  AdWords, but this can be very expensive. The other method is to optimize the web pages with the correct content and linking information and let the organic ranking takes place.


It may take months for the website to appear in the first few pages of a search.  It takes some content tweaking, cross-linking to other sites and the use of social media to attract visitors.  The website took only four weeks to appear on page one because of a very intense SEO exercise, but it do slip back sometimes - part of the Google algorithms.


Read more about SEO

HTML Websites



• Limited content editing capabilities

• Scrolling and Parallax effects on Main page only – not available in Responsive websites

• Social Media links (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube) as standard

• SEO included on the Home page

• Excludes Domain registration

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Content Management Systems

You manage your own website users

• Login to update your own content - excellent editor included

• Social Media links (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube) as standard

• SEO included on the Home page

• Parallax effects require specialty templates – request a quote



No one website is the same as the other and sometimes it is necessary to add an extra feature towards the standard packages mentioned above.


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Copyright @ 2017,, We Design Websites


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