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This is not a soppy solicitation story with technical jargon nobody understands. And you do not have to read all of this – it is just About Us who design beautiful functional websites at an affordable price. We may work from home but the world is our office.


Who am I

I may have more that 30 years of hard core Systems Development experience, a title which includes a multitude of other info-tech names and acronyms; “So what?”, I would ask.


Website designing is like painting a picture, telling a story, bringing the emotions from the heart to the public. I am not a painter, nor a writer, nor a psychologist.  But I can listen, I can understand, I can plan and I can code; and I love teaching.


My Systems Architecture and Business Process Redesign skills coupled with vast development experience can turn a complicated problem statement into a darn good picture. You tell me the story, I’ll paint it, and if I can’t, I’ll tell you so.


But and a big BUT!  Not everything is perfect, not even this website, nor any website I have designed and built in the past, nor will it be for any website in the future I’ll design and build. But, my website designs will portray your business values and help fulfilling your mission statement. Tell me your story today!


Website Designer

I am not a website developer – yet.  I am a Website Designer.  I can design a website using tools and some code to make it pretty and functional at a reasonable price;  pure static HTML websites or a Content Management System with lots of volatile data. I can tell you what needs to be done; I can lead you into ideas of your own; I can write your content text telling your story; I can say NO if something is not going to work.


I have developed major systems in my lifetime but have not code one website from scratch; I use tools to help me design and develop a website. And if a task is beyond our scope of skills and knowledge, I’ll recommend someone in the industry.


I have taught two students how to design and develop a website from scratch with code only and as an “examination test” check out the results at www.bagdadcafe.co.za. I am quite proud of this achievement.


















Look at www.bagdadcafe.co.za to see what these guys are capable of

Website owner

Pictures and Images

Pictures and images in your website are cardinal to carry your business messages to the Wide Wide World. I am not the best graphics designer this side of the universe; when a skill is required I cannot fulfill, I’ll call in my lieutenants to do the task, hence the “We” in the We Design Websites. But I can create some pretty pictures if I must – and flip them upside too. At the end of the next paragraph is a Google accolade about images in a website – how important it is.


Search Engine Optimization – a must read

My oh me! This is a university subject on its own. In web development terms called SEO.  This is the exercise to get your website to the first page of a Search Engine as soon as possible. The two dominant search engines are Google and Bing and just here I stop explaining SEO –  it gets too complicated to explain in a single paragraph. If you are interested you can download a free copy of Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide from Google explained in layman’s terms.


Since 2008 I have studied the Search Engine Optimization subject and acquired quite an in-depth knowledge how it works, why it is necessary to enhance a website to get an organic ranking very quickly – no guarantee though – it may take months, but faster than normal and free. Buying AdWords from the Search engines is quite expensive, but if your business must we go that route.


Google SEO Achievement

As an aside, the two students mentioned above and I did an extensive SEO exercise on the Bagdad Cafe Website and within four weeks of launch the website was on page one of Google after searching for the term “restaurant” in the local vicinity.


This record was achieved within 6 months after launch.



SEO is your best friend in website marketing - your website cannot be without it!


If you want to do more extensive reading SEO, you can download a free copy of the SEO Manual from MOZ.


Or you can watch these two videos;  What is SEO and how does it work? and How to Grow Your Business with SEO.   Credit Bluehost



Our portfolio might not be that extensive - yet, but you are free to call any of the website owners for a reference about the way we go about designing and building websites. They were not telephone numbers nor e-mail addresses. You are someone with a name we’d like to connect with and stay connected if possible.




So, that is the honest me (we) in a nutshell. Call now and discuss your problem statement and let’s get start designing.


Thanks for reading. We hope you have find the About Us useful in choosing us as your website designers.


We wait for your call!


Copyright @ 2017, PierreCor.com, We Design Websites

Copyright @ 2017, PierreCor.com, We Design Websites


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